Passover DoorThe scene was familiar.

The view was unexpected.

The result was powerful.

Pastor Hobi was preaching about redemption. He shared about the slave chains of sin being removed by the ransom price of Christ’s blood. He related the rescue of our souls to the first Passover.

As he described the well known scene an image came alive in my mind.

I saw a man painting his doorframe with a hyssop brush. Red oozed across the top and down the sides. The stench of blood filled the air. He paused and stepped back, tucking the branches into a clay vessel with his eyes downcast. His sandals shuffled in the dust.

The man turned to close the door and I caught a glimpse inside. His face was somber as were those huddled behind him. The glow of firelight intensified the attending silence. Though their actions likely seemed strange to their Egyptian neighbors, their hearts were set on Adonai and obedience to His directions.

The door creaked shut. A wooden bar thudded into place.

Death had been given a limit. But the people had not become superheroes.

PassoverLambEvery member of that family was exactly the same as before the smeared sign was applied

and yet

they were secure under the sacrificial blood of a male lamb without defect.

Nothing had changed about any of the family members

and yet

they were secure through that one act of humble obedience.

DSCN1134No member of that household was any more able to save themselves or worthy of rescue

and yet

they were each secure in accordance with God’s will and promise.

Death reigned all around the Israelites that night, but those who expressed their love for God through obedience were safe. Though they were still broken, flawed, imperfect people, God saw their devotion and stayed His angel’s hand.

Great confidence and much hope flow from this fresh perspective.

We who claim Christ as Savior by His death and resurrection are in the same position as that Passover family. In a sense we step inside the dwelling of eternal life secure under the atoning blood of Christ. We need not strive for perfection to either enter or remain there.

Rather, as we surrender to the Father with hearts full of love and gratitude He covers us with His steel-strong wings of provision and protection as recorded by Moses and confirmed by His One and Only Son.

“Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.”  Deuteronomy 6:4-6; Matthew 22:37,38; Luke 10:27

DSCN1135No matter our struggles.

No matter our failures.

We are secure in Christ’s sacrifice.

We are not condemned.

We are reconciled.

It’s based on God’s purpose and provision.

Not our perfection.

Let God paint the picture of His redemption for you by reading Exodus 12:1-30

I pray that as your heart overflows with love toward Him, the Lord will grant you the confidence and courage to walk in His Truth. Amen

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