An interesting trio of words to consider.

sunrise-1756274_1280You . . .”

In this place the preposition refers to the LORD, Maker of heaven and earth. The three-part, sovereign and majestic God of wonder, outside space and time. He’s the Holy One of Israel, the Creator of the world and everything in it yet He chooses to communicate and build relationships with those He created.

red-417101_1280“You [the LORD] prepare a table . . .”

This glorious King of kings and Lord of lords who sits enthroned in the heavens steps down from that high place, rolls up His sleeves, cuts, chops, peels, rinses his hands, simmers, seasons, sears, bakes, tends, wipes his brow, spreads a cloth, picks flowers, fills a vase, arranges plates, folds napkins, lays cutlery, places glassware, sets place cards, positions candelabras, lights wicks, fills serving dishes, and covers a banquet table with the richest of fare.

beef“You [the LORD] prepare a table before me . . .”

He pours out all His divine effort right in front of me guided by my needs, tastes, and preferences He knows, on my behalf without limits of energy, creativity, ingredients, or skills. The meal’s presentation is all for me, my sustenance and delight. It marks me as a member of the royal household.

He directs me to eat my fill and revel in the goodness flowing from His endless storehouses, but I hesitate. Share on X

The chasm between the divine and the mortal leaves me speechless. Surely I should be the one serving my regal host. A scene from The Prince and The Pauper invades my mind. At the prince’s command the two trade places. And isn’t that the message of Part 5a #1.

The One who owned it all, came down and offered His riches to the one who had nothing to claim. Share on X

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies” Psalm 23:5a

Write three things in Comments that would appear on your banqueting table.

May the LORD bless you with a table laden with His blessings.
In His hands,

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