silhouettes-2016432_1280“. . . in the presence of my enemies

What is an enemy? Do I have any enemies? Do you?

As far as I know there isn’t a secret agent or hostile nation out to get me.

Maybe like me, your second thought brings up an image of that family member who did you wrong . . . the one who still makes you uncomfortable.

The friend who, without provocation, made up stories about you and spread them behind your back or right to your face . . . and has yet to confess or repent.

The nameless individual who glared at you and denied your request . . . then berated you for being stupid enough to ask why.

“. . . my enemies”

shadow-198682_1280It’s reasonable that people pop into our minds at the word enemies, but the sources of active opposition are more varied. There are many things that harm and weaken us, enemies of our souls.

  • The pain we continue to carry from past injustices and our own poor choices.
  • The immature coping skills that sabotage progress yet we hesitate or refuse to change.
  • The quirks we develop that we accept as simply who we are though they disrupt our peace.

“. . . in the presence of my enemies” Psalm 23:5a

These outer and inner enemies are in attendance as the LORD lays His banquet of blessings before each of His chosen ones. They are merely witnesses, not guests or participants. We are the guests of honor.

banquet-1866969_1280Right there, before the watching instigators, the seen and the unseen enemies, the great I AM and Holy One of Israel lovingly, purposefully, powerfully, creatively, compassionately, graciously, . . . with abandon . . . fills a table with the richest of fare and invites us to partake. The spectators are ignored.

Can you see it?

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Psalm 23:5a

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May we feast at the table of His grace.
with delight in the banqueting,

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