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Guest post with an invitation

The pea-brained bird that kept banging at my window for an hour trying to get into a place he would have found he didn’t want to be, is an illustration of our frenetic activity at Christmastime. Can you feel it yet?

How can we followers of Jesus have peace with God (know we’re free from His wrath), but not the peace of God (a sense of inner peace)? My sister observed the dynamic years ago with, “Beck, why does your jaw keep working in and out like that?”

In truth, peace with God and the peace of God go hand in hand. If we don’t experience that combination, perhaps it’s because there’s something deeper to understand . . . or remember.

The God of peace gave and resurrected the Savior of mankind, who became the great Shepherd of the sheep. The One who makes us perfectly fitted in every way to accomplish His will, which brings joy to the heart of God. (Hebrews 13:20-21)

The peace secured by our Savior is not simply civil or judicial. It’s a statement and position that determines our destination. His covenant peace applies to our daily lives as it brings a calm spirit based on understanding and resting in who He is. And when we stand secure on the foundation of peace—the resurrection, Shepherd, blood, Covenant—great joy rises to the heart of God.

As we walk through the Advent and Nativity season, may our longing increase to love the Creator who gave up His divinity to appear as a creature. As we understand our completeness in Christ more fully, may our weighty burdens, distracted hearts, and sinful chains fall away.

Let us all turn our eyes to the Infant Savior turned Reigning Shepherd as we seek His peace at Christmas, the kind that can fill us all year long.

– Rebecca Davis, 2018

Thank you, Friend. Your insights about responding to the invitation from the God of peace are timely.

Rebecca lives in the Greenville area of South Carolina. She became a published author when her book about Amy Carmichael was published in 1987. Her latest title, Untwisting Scriptures, arrived in 2016. You can learn more about Rebecca and her ministry at Here’s The Joy.

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