Poughkeepsie,_NY_spring_2010_bird's-eye_viewOkay, you may not be in Poughkeepsie*. I’m not either.

But you are powerless. I am too.

We have those times when we recognize our lack of control. Everything we hoped for falls through and we know we wasted a lot of time and effort and emotions. And we’re ready to tear out our hair.

At other times we have a good day where the plans we set actually take place, or nearly so. On those occasions, we’re likely to rejoice because we recognize how rare they are.

The facts.

We’re powerless to control the weather.

We’re powerless to rule world events.

We’re powerless to change other people.

We’re powerless to direct our own lives.

This is not something to fear. Awareness can neutralize exasperation.

More facts.

There’s no need to drown in those feelings. ‘Cause Christ knows how we feel.

drowningYup, Jesus was powerless too since He chose to come to earth limited by the human form.  John 10:18

The eternal second person of the Trinity was powerless to know what the future held.  Matthew 24:36

The Creator of mankind was powerless to abolish death.  John 11:32

The Messiah of God was even powerless to prevent His own death.  Luke 22:42

Not only does Jesus understand our feelings of being powerless. He demonstrated the way to respond to this oft-debilitating reality.



In each of these situations and during His entire time among us, Jesus the Christ did not pursue His own thoughts and desires. Instead He went to the Father bringing His will in alignment with the Father’s and His plan to glorify Himself. 


There was no clash over leadership. There was no grab for the reins. There was no act of rebellion.

There was unity. There was peace. There was fulfillment.

I wonder.

Could the same tactics work for us? Could we step away from the chronic struggle to direct, orchestrate, manipulate, . . .?

I have a suggestion. 

Let’s steep ourselves in these truths and undertake a grand experiment. 

First steps: 

1) Accept our human limitations, beginning with powerlessness.

2) Leave the future in the hands of the One who is sovereign over it.

3) Yield the imaginary reins we think we hold, instead trust in His love.

Let’s pray for each other as we go.
Let’s compare notes down the path.

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*Poughkeepsie is a real place. It’s a city in metropolitan New York settled by the Dutch in the 1600s and known as the Queen of the Hudson.  🙂

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  1. Thank you for this post. I never thought of Jesus as powerless before. I understand the message you are conveying. We ALL need the Father. I am accepting my limitations, leaving the future in His hands and trusting in Him. I will share with you the adventures we have. Great post my friend.

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