three friendsThree close friends.
All about the same age.
Close on every level.
Some people couldn’t tell them apart even though they were decidedly unique.
They lived together in a secluded house with access to the larger community. However, there was a hitch in their life of contentment.

They enjoyed each other’s company and were often seen together.
“Hey. It’s nice to see you.”
“I’m really busy these days. Guess you three are too.”
“Hope to see you again soon.”

It was easy enough to handle those situations.
“Nice to see you too.”
“Yes, our lives are busy.”
“Hope to see you too.”

The problem came when folks wanted to interact.
“How are you?”
“I’m having a great day.” “I’m feeling stressed.” “I’m tired.”
“Did you get a haircut?”
“I’m thinking about it.” “Yes. I did.” “Nope just curled it.”
“Can you get together for coffee?”
“Let’s set a date.” “I don’t drink coffee.” “I’m free later today.”

TrinityIt got confusing whenever the friends had to respond on a personal level.

The same thing happened when people came to their home.

As time went on they realized even when they were alone other people somehow interacted with them as if they were a conglomerate.

“Hi, Sal. I want you to know how much I enjoyed your guitar playing.” (Les, was the musician.)
“Oh, Gem. Can you help me? My tablet won’t turn on.” (Gem had no clue about electronics.)
“Les, I’m glad I caught you. I need a meat loaf recipe. Fast.” (Sal was the one who cooked.)

Didn’t anybody see them as individuals?

The situation was getting down right disturbing.
And Gem was feeling left out and insignificant.
Something had to be done.

The friends dove in to solve their dilemma.
The key that rose to the surface was the pronoun You.

When people addressed them as a group, You, a general response made sense.
But if someone meant to speak to one of them, You, a reply became complicated.
And since they were together so much, confusion about who the You was reigned.

Gem name tagThe friends pulled out art supplies and created personalized name tags.
They wore them everywhere and folks got the idea pretty quickly.
Their friendships grew deeper and their circle of friends grew wider.
Their own personalities flourished and their three-way relationship thrived.

As a matter of fact, contentment started to take over the whole community.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I miss anything when I lump the triune I AM under the term God.
Or if I grasp the measure of His glory when I open my prayers with Dear Lord.

Have I taken the time to get to know the Father as my Abba?
Do I know the Son as my Shepherd or see Him only as my Savior?
How do I meet the Holy Spirit anyway? He’s so mysterious.

Adonai loves and delights. He gets jealous and angry. He rejoices and grieves.
How must each person of the Trinity feel when I ignore His uniqueness?
Time to meet the Holy One of Israel, person by person by person.

How do you approach our Triune Sovereign?

May we each grow closer to the Three in One.

In His precious Name,
Elohim is Three Persons in One Godhead. Share on X

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