Van trappI read an article recently.

Lost the reference so I can’t provide it.


It was a scientific piece reporting that research shows that when you sing you relax. It went on to say that singing for relatively short periods of time could lift your mood and instill fresh energy.

Wouldn’t it make sense then that if the lyrics are focused on God and Truth the proven physical and emotional benefits would be infused with spiritual blessings.

And so I undertook a personal research project. I started singing hymns on the way to and from work, 30-35 minutes Monday through Friday.

girl in carI started with the few hymns I know by heart. I needed more material pretty quickly so I typed out the words of two I knew in part. Whenever I came to a line I didn’t know I could glance at the lyrics in large print. I’ve solidified three hymns that way.
Please don’t ask how long that took.

More importantly, I’ve discovered that what the scientists say is true.

When I’m singing about the great faithfulness of God my Father or declaring that my own faith is looking to The Lamb, My Savior, the monster troubles of this life fade into the background. My eyes turn toward the road ahead both physically and spiritually.

You know, you could fill your days with praise and story songs that would bless everyone. And the practice doesn’t need to be restricted to your home.

Judy Rogers


Road trips offer a captive audience to play music on whatever device is handy. It doesn’t matter if your voices won’t carry you to Carnegie Hall. If you choose wisely, you’ll benefit from meaningful lyrics and the miles will melt away in joy.

Somehow a cranky mood doesn’t last long when you sing your way through songs such as the ones on this Judy Rogers’ CD or hymns such as Trust and Obey.

Are you (personally or family wide) suffering from the glums?

Are there times when your mood(s) could stand some lightening?

Put on your creative hat and pick up your courage.

family with papers1. Think and talk about what kinds of music you enjoy and choose a few favorites.

2. Gather the resources you’ll need to tackle some samples; radio, songbook, tablet, DVD.

3. Set a time for your first sing-along; after breakfast, during a ride to the grocery store, on a drive to visit grandparents.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion. You can start tomorrow.

Once everybody gets hooked on the musical fellowship, whenever you notice clouds overhead you can start singing and watch for the son-shine.

“Worship the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.”  Psalm 100:2  NIV1984

May Holy Spirit bless you with glee as you consider lifting your voices to the great I AM.

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