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Walking across old memories, the thought struck me. “That Miss Fix-it habit is nothing more than trying to play Holy Spirit.”

We women fall into the trap of thinking it’s our responsibility to make everyone around us fulfilled and happy. That means we have to figure out their needs and make sure they’re met. The effort it takes to pursue that goal, for however many people we put on our list, requires us to move our name to the bottom. The harder we work, the more we lose track of the fact that our lives are out of balance.

You know the feeling. You persevere, but it’s as if you walk around in a fog or pull yourself along through mud. Heaviness and confusion fill your days. You ask, “When do I get a break?”

The truth is, one person can never really know what’s going on inside another person. No matter how much training or desire we have or how hard we try, at best we act on educated guesses and at worst faulty opinions. Only God knows anyone to the depth necessary to consider and meet their needs.*

To carry on as if we’re some sort of human version of Holy Spirit is nothing short of the ultimate expression of pride. Temptation to play the role arises out of our own unmet needs, and is fed by the words of appreciation and feelings of accomplishment we receive. Such ‘glittering’ results only drag us further into sin.

The antidote is packaged in the Truth that we’re each primarily responsible for the life we live before a holy God. He calls us to care for others, but not to the point where we abandon the Ephesians 2:10 life we live for Him.**

Ironically, as we flip the weight of our attention from others to our relationship with the One who made us, we’ll more likely be able to meet the needs we used to focus on. For the deeper our relationship with Him, the more we become like Christ through the work of His indwelling Spirit.***

There’s much more to be said on this topic. For now, take heart and make Time to be YOU.

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*1 Kings 8:39; Psalms 44:21, 139:2-23; Ezekiel 11:5; Revelation 2:23
** Acts 5
***2 Corinthians 3:17-18, Galatians 2:20

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