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I present individual webinars as the opportunity or requests arise. An introductory webinar on the topic of trauma recovery across the Mind, Body, Spirit was well-received.

Sandra, you are saying some things I need to hear tonight. I love the insight you offer. webinar viewer

I viewed your webinar today and WOW just wow! I find you, your approach, your knowledge to be an absolute breath of fresh air! Keep going. webinar viewer

Thank you for starting this fascinating and much-needed conversation regarding trauma and the Gospel. I look forward to hearing more of your wisdom and insight. webinar attendee

Webinars on specific topics will appear as time and energy allow. Keep an eye on the upcoming box below and/or subscribe to my Newsletter.


I offer courses on introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels on both general and specific trauma recovery topics. Some meet weekly, others monthly depending on the season.

Each time I listen to one of Sandra’s classes/presentations, I learn something new that I can immediately apply to my life. course attendee

You truly DO have a gift of teaching, but more than that, a gift of IMPARTING.  Your tone, temperament and skill make it easy to receive from you.  And I’m very careful who I allow to speak into my life! multiple course attendee

Individual courses for specific groups can be arranged. Talk to the women in your circle and let her know what you’re thinking. Your needs and my availability might fit into both calendars.


The group dynamic can be a powerful one for a variety of healing, especially trauma recovery. That is as long as the facilitator is adept at providing a safe space for the participants.

I’m so happy to have met you and thrilled to be learning at your feet. response after a kickoff group session

It’s wonderful to have tools and be able to move into Peace Mode. response after a 3-month group

This is a wonderful series. Practical and deeply spiritual. I love the community we are building together in this setting. Thank you, Sandra! group participant

Online groups are held on Zoom and scheduled by need and availability – weekly, monthly, length. Watch the Upcoming box to see what’s being arranged.

I am also pursuing options for in person groups in the Greenville SC area. If you’re interested locally, share the details in a Contact form.

one -to-one

My one-to-one skills were honed reaching out to countless women across five continents over more than 50 years. I’m convinced we each carry the answers to our questions within ourselves which we can discover with intentionality and a dedicated confidante.

Thank you. I’m relieved. The journey all makes sense at last! client in 2023

I understand the value of private conversations with a professional. As it’s been said, “Every coach/mentor/therapist needs to have a coach/mentor/therapist.” In that light, I’ve opened my schedule for a few new clients.

Find out if we’re a good fit for your journey with a $20/20min Clarity Call. A small investment for a big gain. You’ll be surprised how much can be accomplished in a short time.


Workshops, seminars, and keynotes online or in person are well within my comfort zone. I’m a speaker known for her authenticity, clarity, and warmth.

I enjoyed the whole day, I have so much going through my mind. The conference spoke to me a lot.  event attendee

I feel in the time I’ve spent under Sandra’s teaching today, I could go to her if I needed to talk to someone. Her heart is sincere.  attendee at one of my personal conferences
Watch a sample video at the bottom of the About page.

Sandra here. I’d love to drop by and open the world of Mind, Body, Spirit trauma recovery and transformation for your gathering. Let me reveal how to shift from stress and overwhelm into the Peace we crave, the kind that doesn’t make sense to most of those around us.

One of my greatest passions is speaking from my heart … and, here’s a secret, I enjoy performing as biblical women.


Support is offered on a regular basis as doors open.

Next Up: Sofia, Bulgaria with two main events
Generational Education in the Church for Leaders
Trauma Recovery and the Abundant Life for Women

Yes. This is my main focus at the moment. More to come over the summer.

If you’re not up for traveling to Europe, check back here for what’s next on the agenda. Or sign up for the Newsletter


I trust you’ll enjoy the resources you’ll find at YouTube.

Trauma Series 1 introduces the topic.

Trauma Series 2 continues the information.

Trauma Series 3 presents a historical perspective.

Trauma Mini-series addresses three quick topics.

Transformation Series 1 offers some basics about recovery.

Transformation Series 2 covers specific aspects to heed.

Transformation Series 3 shares finer points of trauma recovery.

Trauma Transformation Tips offer short insights into healing.

Tell is Like it Is includes episodes from Sandra’s own journey.

Trauma Healing Meditations encourage a shift to Peace Mode.


Yes. A podcast has been a consistent dream of mine for the last couple of years. The energy and vision are here, just not sure when God will bring the project forward.

Once/month or once/week? No final decision yet.

Sandra & Friends may be a working title. Maybe YOU.

Truth about Trauma Recovery or Truth about the Abundant Life are up there too.

Invitations to your podcast and encouragement happily welcomed.

written words

I’ve written Bible studies, devotionals, curriculum materials for women and children, and articles for national and international online and print publications.
I’m available to address topics in written form by request.

My first two books are non-fiction titles on homeschooling and family worship. I also have a novel in process. My current manuscript on trauma recovery based on biblical truth which may be the most important project I’ve undertaken.

In the meantime, visit my blog for shorter readings. And sign up for my newsletter to keep up with the goings on in my speaking and writing life.

Thank you.

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