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2 Ways to Follow God in 2018

by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen I gave up on new year resolutions a long time ago. The word of the year concept caught me a while back though. So in December I reviewed all 2017 held and pondered what the next twelve months might bring. There were a lot of unknowns shrouding my vision…

New Look #1

New Look #1

  Many of you are asking questions. I did promise to share more about my makeover through my posts. Guess I better get to it. Let’s start with the question why. The answer has three words. It was time.

Finding Still

Life rolls along with all its challenges and victories. Somehow we slip into a rhythm that suits. Others may cock their heads at the adjustments we make as we smile and move forward. The day finally comes when we realize there’s more going on than we thought and we have to stop and consider.