What To Do When You Get Lost

by Sandra Allen Lovelace      @SandraALovelace      #WallflowerWomen Liz had made good time, which was helpful since her appointment was in ten minutes. She turned off the radio to make sure she could hear the voice from the GPS. “In half a mile, turn left onto East Main Street.” The screen said she’d arrive two minutes early….

Speak Up Without Fear

by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace Terri sensed it when she decided to tell her friend how the dress really looked. Sue caught it when she chose to give her boss an honest answer about his idea. They both trembled over possible reactions to their comments.

3 Insights to Stay the Course

by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace What keeps you putting one foot in front of the other? Especially on days that are less than joyous? Maybe the highs in your life provide sufficient exhilaration to transport you from one spiritual mountaintop to the next. Or the lows force you close to the Savior where He empowers…