Naomi and NC

It’s been a little while now and Naomi seems to be enjoying her time in North Carolina. She’s real happy about the warm temperatures and she’s got a life-giving message to share.

A Way Out

How long had it been since she gave in to her gut … responded to the cue whispered on the inside? Surely more than a year. Or was it two? Just about the time she started making excuses for him. The noise from the party next door invaded the kitchen and shifted her mind to memories of the extravagant…

Grace for Runaway Horses

You lost it again. Whether you actually raised your voice or not, the damage is done. You slipped the reins of self-control and your bad attitude reared its ugly head. Like a wild stallion your piercing eyes, sharp tongue, body language broke their constraints and led the stampede of destructive words. Hopefully, realization dawns quickly. You…