I’ve loved jigsaw puzzles all my life. The ability to fit every piece exactly where it belongs eases a basic craving. But that delight is something I have to remember when I empty the box on to the table. There’s a lot to do before the joy returns.

Have you ever noticed how much life’s like that? Nothing around you makes sense, but somehow you have to keep functioning. Maybe like me, a vague idea that you’re not alone permeates the foggy shroud, but it doesn’t necessarily cheer you.

Sometimes a sheer act of the will allows us to take the next step. Other times we give in to the temptation to stand still or shrink back. The victorious way to fight this inner conflict is with God’s Truth.

1) God arranges the details of our lives, even the places where we live. Acts 17:26
2) His plans include a grace-filled life of hope and fulfillment. Jeremiah 29:11
3) Nothing can stop, delay, or alter any goal He sets for us. Roman 8:38-39

God knows what the masterpiece of your life will look like as surely as the cover on a puzzle box. He’s moving each piece into place with love at the proper moment. And co-laboring with Him in the process is a lot like assembling a puzzle.

Pull out and connect the edge pieces to catch a vision of the overall goal.
Turn the pieces face up and sort them by color to organize the project.
Concentrate on details in one area at a time to make progress.

As we survey the puzzle pieces of our lives, we can rely on the One who knows our future. All we need to do is open our hearts to Him and trust His hand.

Remember. God’s got this!

Do you have a strategy for putting puzzles together?
Share a helpful hint or two.

With peace in The Lamb,

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Remember. God’s got this! Share on X

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