PortraitReflectionThe arrangement was meant to be mutually beneficial. I studied the details before I agreed to it, but as it unfolded something felt off. Mostly . . .  me.

Have you ever been there?

Though it might be easier to turn the other way, the sensible thing to do is check our emotions. Situations usually turn out better when we keep them in their role as indicators … not dictators. And it’s best to take time with the corralling phase.

Confusion, frustration, and fear are no match for who God is. Prayer, worship, and the Word can neutralize any such common horrors. Those three disciplines also calm our hearts and drive the scatters out of our brains. It’s almost miraculous.

I’ve noticed that once we can breathe deeply again, we’re more able to consider the actual issues. It’s helpful to make notes and review them as objectively as possible. If the result is reasonable concerns, the question arises whether or not to speak up.

If, like me, having to confess and repent are not your favorite activities, let me encourage you to repeat the drawing closer to the One who knows us best—pray, worship, and wrap yourself in the Word. So often His character directs us.

TruthGod is the God of Truth.* He speaks and acts in Truth and expects the same from those who call Him LORD. To behave as if something is fine or marvelous when it clearly is not is a form of lying. And God hates lies.

In obedience, with the Savior’s arms around us, we set aside complacency and stand for Truth . . . carefully. Please hold me close and guide me in Your will. Cause me to reflect Your love, fill me with Your grace, protect me according to Your promises. Amen

The results may not look like a birthday party, but my experience is that peace floods the soul of a faithful follower. Christ’s victory radiates the FREEdom He came to deliver. It’s a taste to prolong and pursue.

Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost places (Psalm 51:6).

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him (Psalm 34:8).

Face the lies, especially the ones inside. Promote Truth in word and deed.
What’s your first step?

May God bless us all as we grow in Truth,

Truth carries with it confrontation. Francis A. Schaeffer in The Great Evangelical Disaster Share on X

*I use Truth with a capital T in memory of Francis Schaeffer who spoke of “true truth”.

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  1. Sandra – I appreciate your comment, ‘To behave as if something is fine or marvelous when it clearly is not is a form of lying.’ So often we try to “keep up appearances” for what seem like virtuous reasons (I don’t want anyone else to worry about this….), but often the underlying issue can just be SELFish (I want others to think I have it all together so I’ll just say things are ‘fine’, or I want others to LIKE me so I won’t say anything even when I know I should). I think you’re right that we need to carefully consider when it’s time to speak up (or not), but seeking God’s wisdom first, as you’ve suggested, is always a good place to start. Thank you. /Sue

    1. Thank you, Sue. I think it’s especially difficult for women in these situations. We seem to be tasked with providing peace and calm to our surroundings. And being LIKED, as you so aptly explain, is another bugaboo. Well said.

    1. That’s God’s way of spreading truth, Michelle. It’s the love part that I think hangs us up sometimes. It’s not love to allow someone to live outside reality.
      And don’t we count those who tell us the truth in this way among our closest friends?

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