Crash Site Impatience

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

Dear Readers, thank you for raising prayers on behalf of Jane and her child. No change in their circumstances to report, but I’m not sure I’d see them. I’m trusting the LORD to prepare her mind, heart, and spirit for His rescue. Join me in prayer as Holy Spirit leads you. Thanks.


My fingers gripped the steering wheel and rolled up and down as if I were wringing out a soaking wet towel. The traffic was stalled for miles and I was obviously going to be late for my appointment. Frustration narrowed my eyes as I sought strategies to solve my dilemma. Know what I mean?

I was about to lean on the horn when someone behind me blew theirs. My head jerked around in search of the rude individual who obviously thought I ought to fly over the cars in front of me. My right hand moved back to its proper driving position. Cars and trucks of all sorts jockeyed for the lane that would somehow get them to their destination faster. I followed suit as I alternated between waving my arms in hopelessness and shouting at the world.

Rounding a bend, flashing lights from an active emergency scene filled my windshield. At least six smashed and smoldering vehicles littered the highway. Fire, medical, and site-management personnel filtered throughout the three travel lanes. Police, assisted by flares, routed traffic around the crash site on the highway shoulder. I held my breath as a team of four slid an injured person into an ambulance that took off, siren screaming.

A woman in a reflective vest must have caught sight of my dropped jaw. She sauntered over to speak through my open window. “Yah. It’s a bad one. We had to hold up traffic while a helicopter landed to take a father and son to the trauma center. If you’re a praying woman, you could ask God to let them live. They were pretty messed up.”

As the deputy raised her hand to motion me forward, curse words spewed out of the driver of the shiny black Buick to my right. The officer shook her head. “I bet that guy would be thankful for the delay, if somebody he loved was in the helicopter.” I dropped my head as the words of Isaiah 6:5 echoed in my mind.

Woe is me, for I am ruined!
Because I am a woman of impatient thoughts;
And I live among people of impatient thoughts;
For I know the King, the Sovereign Lord of hosts.

Holy Spirit calmed my anxious heart as I asked the Lord for forgiveness. Then led me in prayer to cover those involved in the accident as well as the responders and my fellow travelers  trapped in traffic. “Father, please grant  healing and strength, wisdom and courage … everything else any of them might need. Amen.”

The frustrations of life caused me to lose track of Who directs the details of my life.
When was the last time such distractions caught you off guard? How did you remedy your dilemma?


*references are NASB, unless otherwise noted

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  1. Thank you for this, I have not seen your emails for awhile, and I am glad the LORD gave me time today to read this. Yes, we so often feel impatient when we are on tight schedules, normal I am sure, and yet so many times he has to get our attention to show us that He is in control of our time, and we need to slow down. . We all need forgiveness in these area’s, and perhaps to plan our time to go a little earlier so we can stop when needed, and pray for others!
    Thank you for this post!

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Gail. My traffic experience was just one exhibition of the issue. It pops up lots of places.

  2. Ummm seems the deputy in a reflective vest was a messenger / angel. She probably spoke to other frustrated folks during the traffic jam. Maybe others were loosing track of Who directs the details of their life? Could be more than you had to remedy a dilemma? Thanks for sharing.

    1. I like your identification of the deputy, Peggy. I think you’re right that it was a divine messenger.
      Glad to know you’re reading here. I’m guessing you’re in your recovery phase. 🙂 The Lord’s healing to you.

  3. This is one reason why I started praying every time I heard the sirens roar by our downtown home several years ago. I pray if they don’t know Christ, that they will, especially if they’re near death. I pray for any children that might be involved, as well as the paramedics. We never know how God might use our prayers. Praying Jane and her child are doing well now.

    1. Oh Cathy. I pray similarly when I hear sirens or come up on an accident scene.
      Thank you for your continued prayers for Jane and her child. No good news yet. <3

  4. Yes I agree with Peggy – an angel giving you the words that God needed you to hear. Thank you for this message. We travel by car so much and often find ourselves giving praise that “something” held us up a few minutes but then tears and prayers for those who’s life had just been changed because of an accident.

    1. You’re welcome, Bobbie. Sounds like we have a few folks who pray over accidents as they drive.
      Thank you, Lord. This peek at Holy Spirit’s work inspires me onward.

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