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Marcy followed the directions and stood the celery in a glass of water with red food coloring. The water tinted the celery as it was absorbed up the stalk. The simple demonstration of osmosis set her mind spinning. Could the same process apply to people?

The dictionary told her osmosis is also the gradual, subconscious transfer of information and ideas. As surely as molecules carry material from one medium to another, knowledge and perspectives in our environment flow into our thoughts and opinions, attitudes and behavior.

Her imagination said it would be grand if she’d been able to select the environment into which she were born and grew up … one that would have influenced her toward who she wanted to be and what she‘d like to do. Before the scenario played out too far, she caught herself.

Hadn’t she already played that game? Faced with a traumatic childhood, Marcy learned to see things the way she wanted them to be. Her daddy was aggressive so she turned him into a brave knight. Chaos reigned at home so she spent hours pretending she lived in the lilac bush. Life was easier that way.

More pondering.

She suddenly saw how her decisions had taken her through adolescence into adulthood and what felt like a dark alley. What she thought were clever ways to escape were merely patterns of the past repeating the pain and extending the suffering.

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The truth embedded in her heart surged back into her brain. She shut down the idle thoughts and returned to the day Jesus lifted her in forgiveness from humility to new life. Realization came that stability, health, and safety weren’t found in any place she could choose.

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We women are often focused on fixing what’s around us..
Are you being influenced by your past or transformed by Jesus?

The Almighty reigns,


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  1. I’d forgotten about the celery experiment but that’s a great metaphor. I love the old t-shirt that said, “When the devil reminds me of my past, I remind him of his future.” Talk about taking captive of every thought to make it obedient to Christ!

    1. I’m happy to hear the good ole celery experiment continues. The image popped right into my head as I pondered the topic.

      Thank you for your input, Cathy. I rejoice every time the LORD brings me back to the Truth of His loving care.

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