Jill Swanson

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

With all the fanfare possible, we offer our final highlight for the Year of the Wallflower. Jill Swanson is excellent concluding contribution to our theme of resources for assisting women to discover their God-given design and purpose.

Jill is an Image Consultant extraordinaire who carries a distinct reputation among her clients and professional respect throughout her field. The best way to introduce her is to share our mutual experience.

I contacted Jill as a needy, non-makeup-wearing woman of a certain age. Once we agreed on the services I needed, she began getting to know me. Casual conversations demonstrated her interest in me as an individual. Computerized evaluations provided information about what I liked and didn’t like.

When I struggled, Jill offered extra attention and understanding to support me through the tasks. She even helped me clear out my wardrobe.

The process was intriguing and remains something of a mystery. I suspect the foundation is all the interest, knowledge, training, and experience in image coaching with a heavy dose of compassion and dedication Jill. I only know that by the time we met, she knew me in terms of my style better than I knew myself.

As I tried on outfits Jill put together for me, I became more comfortable in the fabrics, colors, and shapes. I slowly realized I was stepping into my true self. Share on X

Jill tutored me in what make-up to wear and how to put it on. We discussed a new hairstyle and she oversaw the work of a marvelous stylist. All along the way, Jill spoke encouragement over me as the woman she’d been getting to know, and built my confidence in the woman God was calling forward. Our three days together might be described as a Makeover Retreat.

You’ll find an illustration of her amazing feat, as well as loads of information about the services she offers over at her website JillSwanson.com.

Thank you, Jill. Your personal commitment and professional expertise continue to bless my mind, body, and spirit. May God reward you for your intentional service in His Name. Amen

Now . . . before you start thinking Jill inherited her good looks and exceptional style, please pause. For in fact, her impeccable appearance shields a surprising challenge. Born with a rare birth defect she’s had to manage throughout her life, Jill is living proof that true beauty flows from within.

At a young age, Jill gained a profound awareness about and sensitivity toward the influence of image on acceptance and personal well-being. Her own struggles developed a deep respect for the power of attitude, spirit, and grace. As a result, Jill has devoted her life to help people discover and always project their best, inside and out.

In addition to her own business, Jill is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the National Speakers Association, Advanced Authors and Speakers, and Christian Women in Media. Jill has two grown children and lives in Minnesota with her husband.     There’s much more to discover About Jill.

Closing with warmth and encouragement for all of us Wallflower Women.


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  1. I remember this transformation! In fact, I believe it continues in the most important place of all…the heart. The way you love and care for other wallflowers is a beautiful thing to behold. Blessings, friend!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Cathy. You’re right about the most important piece being the heart. God is doing a major work there. Some days you might hear me say, “Ouch.” God’s best to you.

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