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Frustration over the way the days kept passing hounded me until my poor worn emotions felt overdone. In His perfect timing, Holy Spirit led me to the word vision as the focus for my coming year. Have you ever noticed how tricky that word is?

Vision actually has multiple meanings.

  1. the physical ability to see
  2. the mental capacity to see and create into the future
  3. a perception or image beyond what’s visible, such as a dream
  4. a person or view of unexpected beauty or majesty

Only a couple of these definitions came to mind when the word popped up. Pondering them has been informing and enhancing the upcoming  journey. Informing because a broader understanding excites me about the possibilities. And enhancing as ideas flourish about preparation and appreciation. This week I share the To Know aspects. Next week To Go.

To Know
1. God – God not only knows what’s coming in the months ahead, He’s in charge of it. The closer we are, the more I’ll understand who He is and how He cares for me, the more I’ll be able to learn from Him, and the more He’ll reveal to me.

2. Self – God knows me better than I know myself, every single detail inside and out. The more in tune we are, the more I’ll grasp His love for me, the more I’ll be able to receive what He communicates, and the more open I’ll be to respond according to His Truth.

3. Purpose – God created and is in charge of the development of my strengths, passions, and calling. The deeper our relationship, the more I’ll trust Him and rest in His peace, the more I’ll be excited to serve Him, and the more I’ll be able to decipher His sweet spot of ministry.

Whether or not He grants me a visual illustration of what He’s got planned for my future, my relationship with God is obviously the bedrock for a Year of Vision. All I need, want, or imagine flow from growing our relationship.

But seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 Share on X

What do you hope your vision includes in 2020?
What groundwork have you laid or are you planning?


*references are NASB, unless otherwise noted

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  1. Asy 2020 started with such sadness I am not quite sure what my vision for the rest will be yet. But I do know I am depending on the Holy Spirit to lead me on. Enjoyed your insite so I look forward to the next newsletter.

    1. The start of this new year brought true sadness to you, but God has great things in store for you!!! I know ’cause Holy Spirit is with you, Friend. <3

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