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by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

Life has been challenging for a while. Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual,                      issues keep appearing. (If you know what I mean, feel free to fill in the blank.)

The situation has gotten to the point friends are starting to call me Job-etta. Share on X

A consistent message seems to be – stop trying to fix things with human effort, and take them to God first, last, and continually. (Maybe you still need to learn and practice those steps too.)

Thankfully, our health and growth are part of God’s daily and eternal agenda. It’s just that He often has to ‘put our nose in the corner’ to get our attention. At least that’s the way a friend describes what some call a two-by-four.

After I’d taken the evening of July 3rd to accomplish and celebrate a goal, the 45° angle in front of me became crystal clear. Glowing with thoughts about a good night’s sleep, I came in from the garage and 80+ temperatures pulled me off my mountain top and into a virtual wrestling match. Too tired to panic or struggle, I simply went to bed.

In the morning, I texted a couple of friends for prayer then my local a/c guy* for service. One friend called and offered a window unit. I hadn’t heard back from the a/c guy and didn’t think I would since it was a holiday. However, I’d settled into what was evidently God’s idea of a few days with electric fans. I thanked her and said I’d call if the heat got to me.

As I was making a very late breakfast that was more of a brunch, the bing of a return text from the a/c guy surprised me. When I reported the temperatures, he said he’d be over in an hour or two. He arrived when he said he would and replaced a blown capacitor with a level of kindness and integrity rarely seen these days. He shaved off  his July 4th holiday to get cool air pumping again and save mine.

The string of miracles is as obvious and precious to me as the pearls on my great grandmother's necklace. Share on X

I suspect Jesus had darker skin and was taller than my a/c guy. But as surely as the Father sent His Son to display his love, He sent this man to remind me of the tender, rescuing faithfulness of my Savior.

God is rescuing His people all the time in various ways.
When was the last time He extended His grace and mercy to you?

The Almighty reigns,


*It’s only fair to identify my a/c guy. Don Moran, Affordable Heat and Air Conditioning (864.238.4734)

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  1. I relate to this praise a little more than I’d like (ha!). We had almost 40 people over for a swim party on July 3rd. It seemed warmer than usual but I assumed it was due to the door opening and closing continually. Like you, I thanked the Lord when an A/C guy who’d not planned to work agreed to ride over since we didn’t live far from him (something we rarely hear) and we didn’t have to replace the unit, which was another praise. I have a fresh appreciation for the cool air flowing through our vents! I’m thankful you’re feeling it too. 🙂

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