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We’ve reached the halfway mark for the Year of the Wallflower. There’s no better way to mark that milestone than with this month’s focus. Tracy McCauley is a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her degrees in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, and Human Resources suit her role as a counselor and advocate. She’s been serving women and children through community and state organizations over more than 20 years. A mutual friend introduced us recently.

Tracy is a friendly professional who beams confidence with her winning South Carolina smile. Though she doesn’t fit any pre-conceived notions about the profile, she spent 21 years caught in the trap of domestic abuse. As a teenager she fell into a toxic relationship that lasted seven years, followed by a repeat with a different abuser for another 14 years. Tracy says her escape came when she surrendered her relationships to God. She explains His grace empowered her to walk away and stay away.

In her recovery, Tracy had to confront her lack of self-love along with unresolved emotional issues. The process grew into a personal obligation to let other women know they are not created to be punching bags, to live in fear, feel hopeless, powerless or defeated. She reports her book, a direct result of that commitment and an assignment from God, was also part of her own path to tear down strongholds from her childhood.

Love Thyself: Embrace the Woman in the Mirror, published in 2018, is a thought-provoking, life-changing memoir. It’s written to empower, inspire, and encourage those living in abuse to recognize their God-given design and walk in His purpose. Tracy’s life and message to her readers is clear.

With God, you can heal from trauma and be restored. Share on X

Tracy is passionate about assisting those who are targets of domestic abuse. As founder and CEO of Angels with Hope, she offers support groups and awareness events, along with a variety of empowerment products to educate women and their communities about abuse and encourage progress on the healing journey.

Thank you, Tracy. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Find out more about this remarkable yet approachable woman at Angels with Hope or on Facebook. Reach out to her at Buy her book on Amazon.

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