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Have you ever considered a Bible study on the word love? By that I mean to read. copy. meditate on. journal about. every verse where the word love appears?

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. And it’s my second round, the first was in 1976. It’s astonishing to realize how integral love is to all of life … until we remember that love is its foundation.

God is love, and His character is evident throughout His creation and across history. No wonder that if we get the definition of love wrong, it affects everything.

  • Love is not a passive feeling. John 3:16, 1 John 4:9
  • Love is not a foolish thought. Luke 4:30, Matthew 14:13, 23
  • Love is not silent about truth. Proverbs 21:28, Ephesians 4:16
  • Love is not total, endless tolerance. Exodus 9:12, Deuteronomy 3:27

Jesus expressed His love when He left His throne in glory to became a newborn human. No matter the trials and temptations, He walked in His Father’s design and fulfilled His purpose. Love was His motivation … and He changed the world forever.

How do you define love? If you’re not sure, a review of Christ’s life would be a good place to gain some insights. Reading a chapter a day will take you through the book of Luke, 24 chapters right up to Christmas Eve. It’s not too late to start.

As we move through the Advent season, let’s consider how our lives and families, neighborhoods and nations would change, the more fully we reflect the Father’s love as expressed by the Son.  Amen.

Asking God to bless you with peace and joy,


*references are NASB, unless otherwise noted
Photo: I love Miss Mae, my granddaughter

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