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by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

Welcome to our monthly highlight for Year of the Wallflower. We’re pleased to present Phoenix Center, the official authority on substance abuse that’s been serving the citizens of Greenville County for over 45 years. Their efforts merge with ours to educate, equip, and encourage women to know and value who they are, and grow toward and thrive in their purpose.

Phoenix Center is a non-profit agency that sets client care as their first priority through quality prevention, intervention, and treatment services. Serenity Village is their residential treatment center for pregnant women, mothers, and their preschool-age children. Each year, approximately 120 families find hope, healing, and transformation through the program.

When a family enters Serenity Village, they’ve already traveled down a long and dangerous road. The mother is struggling not only with her addiction, but with associated trauma and the very real fear of losing her children. The children often arrive traumatized and confused with developmental delays and attachment difficulties.

Serenity Village offers support through structured focus on parenting, positive family, and independent living skills. Share on X

Addiction is cyclical and, if not addressed, can impact families for generations. Serenity Village has four objectives to end the cycle:

  1. Heal the mother’s addiction: Clinical staff develop an evidence-based treatment plan for each mother, and she works through 50 hours of individual and group counseling per week.
  2. Accelerate the child’s development: Social and developmental delays are tested and addressed through 40 hours of therapeutic treatment per week. Often, children experience their first reliable, daily routines under Serenity’s care.
  3. Create a strong, healthy family bond: Many of the mothers have never had appropriate role models for parenting. At Serenity,  mothers learn the components of healthy parenting and household management.
  4. Build long-term skills for self-sufficiency: After three months of intensive work, the young family leaves residential treatment and enters Serenity’s aftercare phase. New mentors, community connections, and support are designed to ensure a soft-landing back into the community.

The work that takes place at Serenity Village furthers their mission of reducing addiction as a leading cause of family collapse and harm to children.

To learn more, reach out for assistance, or offer support, visit or

Heather Corley, LISW-CP, LAC, MAC is the Manager at Serenity Village. In addition to her license in social work, she’s a certified EMDR therapist who specializes in substance use disorders and trauma among women.

Heather became passionate about serving this population in her role as a caseworker for the Florida Department of Children and Families. The high rate of recidivism among families suffering from addiction prompted her to return to her home state to earn a Masters in Social Work at USC.

South Carolina’s DAODAS agencies welcomed Heather as a therapist to work with women struggling with substance use disorders. Her experience and expertise make her a natural fit for the leadership role with Serenity Village, allowing her to impact the lives of families on a larger scale.

Thank you, Heather. I appreciate your willingness to share so much about your life and your work. I have no doubt many women and children are walking a healthy recovery road because of you.

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