by Sandra Allen Lovelace      @SandraALovelace      #WallflowerWomen

All Criminal Justice Schools says, “Women have never been as important in law enforcement as now.” I would tend to agree, but perhaps not for the same reasons.

A report from the National Center of Women & Policing reports that on average 15% of state, municipal, and county officers are women. Of course, that number varies across departments and agencies. One study out of Washington, DC found that women on patrol were:

  • More effective in avoiding and defusing violent situations
  • Less likely to engage in ‘seriously unbecoming conduct’
  • Equally respected with favorable attitudes by the citizenry

Since 1972, as women have been more readily received in law enforcement, they’ve been making their mark in numerous ways. Find out more about the history and benefits of women who wear The Blue HERE.

There’s another aspect of the contribution women make to law enforcement that carries a tremendous impact. Some might say it’s crucial in the current era of our national history. In an atmosphere of increased tension and slanted information, the consistent loyalty of the women in the lives of officers of the law provides invaluable support.

Women across families and generations make up a secondary circle of encouragement beyond the brothers and sisters who wear The Blue. One of their gathering places is the National Police Wives Association, a non-profit that offers support and resources to spouses and families, especially to new members of law enforcement. There’s a NPWA Facebook page too.

Police Wives of America is a non-profit that specializes in connecting officers’ wives. They maintain a list of Facebook links to local groups by state and department.

Perhaps the most personal resource I found is Proud Police Wife “uniting law enforcement families one shift at a time.” You’ll find a link to an exclusive police wives Facebook group at the About Me page. You can even download a FREE Police Wives Guide – Top 10 Ways to Rock Police Wife Life. There’s a general PPW Facebook page as well as a PPW Pinterest board.

As we champion the women who serve us while they wear The Blue, let’s pay our respects to those who also stand close beside the Thin Blue Line.

If you wear The Blue, thank you. If you support The Blue at home, thank you too.
If you know someone in either category, share these resources.

May God bless you all with peace.


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