Windshield viewPenny’s stewing blinded her to the brightness pouring through the windshield. She knew there wasn’t anything she could do about the situation, but her mind kept running over and over the details.

Glare from an oncoming truck struck her eyes and she jerked her head to the side. The sunny day finally caught her attention. If only she could throw off the negative thoughts.

She pushed the button for her favorite CD, looking to Andrae Crouch* to lift her mood. The opening lines drew her in, but by the time she got to the highway entrance the player was moving from track 1 to track 2. She reached over and hit Replay twice.

The third time around she decided to let the player move on. Maybe the next song would hold her focus. Once again the first few sentences caught her attention. She turned her mind to the One she knew ruled her life with love—for a bit. Somehow track 4 was starting and she couldn’t remember hearing all of track 3.

She hit Replay yet again to fight the feeling of losing control. Why couldn’t she stop brooding and concentrate on the words? But after the third time hitting Replay on that track she decided to let track 4 play.

Crouch insert
Andrae Crouch, Pray *Review

The listen-briefly-hit-replay-again-and-again, give-up-and-play-on process continued until track 6 started to play. The words were about how the Father invites His children to bring their sorrows and hurts to Him.

Those lyrics broke through. Healing was definitely what she needed. Maybe if she sang along with Andrae she could synch herself with the message. Track 7 started without any pauses and she was on her way.

By the time track 9 ended and 10 began, her heart was fully engaged and moving to the tempo. This upbeat song spoke to her about the Lord’s ongoing work to carry her from where she was all the way to the fulfillment of His will in her life. The Truth of God’s faithfulness filled Penny’s heart. Gratitude and joy flowed from the memories that skirted across her mind. This was where she wanted to be.

The album ended and she wondered. Could this be an illustration of her life in Christ? Share on X

No matter how hard she tried, distractions kept pulling her away from her commitment to rest, truly rest in the arms of her Savior, Shepherd, Friend. But what if she went to Him, not merely to catch a few of His words, but to be united with Him—to sing along with His will and move with His Spirit? What would happen then?

Version 2

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

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with joy on the journey,

*Pray, Andrae Crouch’s 1997 album is one of the greatest collections of messages for the Christian walk. Each track moves the listener into a specific phase of the spiritual life in Christ. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in deepening their faith.

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